Why You Need a Mentored Business Sales Consultants

There are a whole host of reasons why a business Consultant is an essential element of any successful business sale.
Below, we outline why you need a Mentored Business Sales Consultant and highlight the key benefits and value they can add to the business sales process.

Network and Exposure

One of the most important elements of selling a business is getting it in front of the right people at the right time. A Mentored Business Sales Consultant has an extensive network and a multitude of network channels they use to market your business quickly getting your business in front of serious buyers. The more exposure your business gets, the better chance you have at finding the right buyer to offer the best price.

Business Sales Experience

You might have already sold several businesses, or you could be selling a business for the first time. Whichever it is, you can benefit from an experienced Mentored business Sales Consultant. They know the intricate workings of the business sale process from the inside out as selling a business is quite literally their business and something they do far more frequently than anyone else. A Mentored Business Sales Specialist will help guide you on the business sale process.

Mentored Business Sales, a Division of The Mentored Platform by Mark Bouris

Hey! Want to Maximise your Sale Price?

Selling your business is possibly one of the most significant transactions you are likely to go through in your life, you need to make sure that you maximise your business valuation and give yourself the best return for the investment you have made.

An experienced Mentored Business Sales Consultant will help you sell your business for the very best possible price.

Expert Negotiation Skills

Mentored Business Sales Specialists are experts in negotiation, and they can steer you and the deal in the right direction to make sure you get the best deal possible. As with anything, it is essential to make sure you choose a business Consultant who can best represent your needs. Their wealth of experience, network, and knowledge is critical.


When you build a business up and decide to sell, there are many emotions involved and in what is already considered to be a stressful and complicated transaction. Everything you have ever worked for comes under immense scrutiny, and it can be a challenge to manage this critique of your business in a calm and focused manner. Passion and pride are two overriding emotions business owners experience when selling their company. A Mentored business Consultant is an outside resource, a third-party, and above all else, they are being paid to support you, to help you get the best possible deal. Working with a Mentored Business Consultant to sell your business will give you an added air of objectivity and clarity throughout the process.

Time and Hassle

Selling a business takes a lot of planning, time, and as you would expect, there is a lot of work involved in the marketing of your business not to mentioned handling the enquiries, fielding questions, providing information, vetting potential buyers, paperwork and more; and all of this comes before the negotiations!