Barton Cha查亮


Barton is a key member of the Mentored Sales China team focussing on China - Australia transactions.


We offer personal service to buyers and sellers, working from centrally located offices in the heart of Sydney CBD. Working with smalll private businesses, mid tier public companies with typical transactions up to $30M, we sell businesses, private companies, unlisted public companies and partnerships. Barton is able to source agriculture businesses, FMCG, Healthcare and transport businesses.


Barton's focus is on business sales for Chinese, Asian buyers and vendors, helping prospective buyers locate the right business for Australian Business Visas.


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Business Background


20 years sales and marketing experience in many industries including medical equipment, export financing, and consumer products. Barton worked in GE Healthcare China for 7 years, and afterwards established his company as a partner and director, which becomes a market leader in export financing and successfully operated till today. 3 years ago, Barton made a life changing decision to migrant to Sydney and devoted himself to business brokering


Barton’s ability and skills in sales and marketing, company operation, finance management and project management can help both buyers and vendors to understand better the value of businesses, negotiate reasonably and settle smoothly. Barton’s fluent Mandarin and competent English, cross culture communication skills can help business visa applicants and international investors from different backgrounds to find the right business opportunities.