Henry Wittenberg



With considerable maturity and experience Henry's major contribution is his theoretical understanding of the transaction process, and his relentless commitment, energy and enthusiasm. From the outset of his career he has been involved with sales and marketing. Initially, as industrial transmission specialist, he sold everything from ball bearings to hydraulics and conveyor systems.

In his mid 20s he rapidly progressed to advertising sales, firstly in newspapers, industry publications, then through broadcast to national advertising agencies. Throughout that time Henry was responsible for business development, marketing strategies and client liaison. For many years he held the position of account director, reflecting his professional approach to performance, and to exceeding client expectations.

As both an advertising agent and subsequently as a business consultant Henry has had numerous achievements in real estate, development, automotive, engineering, manufacture, distribution, exclusive consumer products, aviation, and many more. He has considerable international experience and has worked with major national and international companies and brands. He has also lived and worked in Melbourne, New York and Rome.

Henry believes in life repurposing, and recognises that most times he makes a sale the vendor approaches a major turning point in life, with new prospects and adventures ahead. He also believes in lifetime education and is constantly upgrading his academic standing and qualifications, and experience. He holds a masters degree in accounting and is currently completing a masters in business law.

Since becoming a business broker, Henry has focused on the M&A sector, specialising in private SME sales, divestments, acquisitions and equity funding. As always, he employs the same commitment, dedication and focus on making the deal as quickly as possible, but always in line with the client's objectives and goals. Whether selling, buying or investing, Henry is always happy to listen.