James Henderson



James Henderson is new to the broker industry and begins his journey with Mentored Business Sales as a Business Sales Agent. He brings a rich diversity of experience, so it is with tremendous excitement that he joins Mentored Business Sales which will help him translate this experience to the area of business sales.

James has spent nearly 30 years in the Communication and Information Technology industry working in such illustrious workplaces as Telstra and Dell Computers. He has crossed over from these technical areas into sales in Healthcare. James worked in the fields of orthopaedic sales and software sales for pacemakers. Most recently James worked in the healthcare division of Hills Ltd. He found success in these fields due to his strongly held belief that customer service is the foundation principle for a business’s success and prosperity. Equally applicable to internal and external stakeholders. This played out in his new role in orthopaedic sales when he went from one case a month to over 15 in a 12-month period with minimal training but a firmly held belief in providing the best customer service.

James is a current business owner who manages an agency to assist businesses with their technical pre-sales and bid management capability.

James is also currently working at completing an MBA. He believes that it surveys many areas equally applicable to both small and large businesses.

Overall, James would add tremendous value to any Vendor not only to the Business Sales question but in general advice due to his firm grasp of the necessary technical systems, deep insight into how to provide good robust sales activity and an understanding of the principles of customer service. These all add up to an agent committed to obtaining an excellent outcome for the Vendor.

Outside of the hustle and bustle, James enjoys as much about nature as he can on his bike, in a kayak, in a tent or trudging down a bush track.