Stephen West



An accomplished business executive who has a strong track record in operations management, product and project management, customer service and a holistic method of increasing returns for investors.

Commenced in Management Rights in 2005 operating a 15-storey complex, progressing over a thirteen year period to the strategic and operational management of eight properties simultaneously in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Worked with Building Managers creating systems and processes that improved the bottom line and overall returns to their Partnerships.

Undertook major projects including Splash Zone waterpark at Turtle Beach Resort, the conjoining of three Schemes, centralising the operations of five Resorts and hotels to achieve fluid operations and diminished costs.

Author of the Professional Management Rights – a series of training handbooks for the Industry.

The holder of a full Queensland Real Estate Agents license – transacting multiple residential lots within complexes.

Qualified as a Practitioner by the Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) in Early Dispute Prevention. This has enabled Stephen to utilise his mediation skills in a variety of matters within Management Rights.

Ongoing training undertaken in all aspects of the industry at the Disney Institute Anaheim, the Strata Community Association (SCA,) the REIQ, Cornell University New York and Swinburne University.

Stephens’ desire to work within Management Rights sales is fuelled by the desire to ensure that both the Seller achieves their maximum return. This is achieved by effectively preparing various aspects of their business for sale and marketing it correctly.

Additionally, ensuring the buyer is prepared to enter the business, by providing as much information as possible and transacting the purchase in a transparent, efficient manner.

Management Rights is one of the most satisfying businesses that can be owned, combining living and working in some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. The return on investment is significantly high and it is a business many lenders are willing to back.

A smaller building can be managed by an individual or couple, whereas larger buildings can group a silent partnership behind a competent management couple.

Operating Management Rights suits people from all walks of life who enjoy engaging with others, and who wish to purchase a business within a secure segment of the business industry.

Locality: Gold Coast

Speciality: Management Rights